Welcome to Presence Ministries International.

Exodus 33:15 “ Then Moses said “ If your presence does not go with us, then do not send us up from here””

We are passionate lovers of God’s presence and also his Church.
Our heart is to see his Bride built up, strengthened and sent out into the world to Bring heaven to earth.

Through kingdom connections, encouragement and freedom our vision is that it will be “On earth as it is in heaven”.

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What other ministries are saying...
  • I have known and worked with Tim and Sue Eldridge for a number of years, and can testify to the great call of God on their lives to serve the body of Christ at large. It’s been a special joy for me to watch them do naturally, what others try to do without ever succeeding. Yet they do it well, almost without effort. They are people of the presence who lead as a mom and dad, and not a CEO of a corporation. They have learned the beauty of relationships, and are those who celebrate the victories of others. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend their ministry to you.

    Bill Johnson
    Bethel Church, Redding, CA
  • It is my honour and pleasure to recommend Tim and Sue Eldridge, whom I consider to be seasoned and capable leaders in the body of Christ in these challenging times. I have had the privilege of working alongside of them for several years and have observed that this couple is the epitome of selfless leadership, which is indeed a vanishing virtue. The Eldridges carry a very unique grace and gift-mix enabling them to work with leaders at every level. Their passion for God's presence and compassion for His family brings confirmation and activation to those longing to fulfill their kingdom destiny. I have travelled the world in kingdom work for 39 years and consider them to be top-tier leaders. Engaging this dynamic couple will enhance your ministry or business.

    Randall Worley PhD
    Author, Speaker
  • Tim & Sue Eldridge carry a beautiful blend of fire and authority. This ministry offers key revelations about creating a supernatural environment for the local church. I've loved working with them over the years and am happy to see them making more time to focus on encouraging the body of Christ in revival.

    Danny Silk
    President of ‘Loving on Purpose’
  • I have known Tim and Sue Eldridge for many years. They have been regional leaders with Global Legacy - Bethel’s relational network of churches - and they have a long-standing relationship with Bethel Church. Everywhere Tim and Sue go, they exude the love of the Father and impart signs, wonders and miracles. They will awaken you into new dimensions of spiritual hunger, challenge you to press into God for greater manifestations of His presence, encourage you to come into agreement with the kingdom of heaven and change the world around you. I highly recommend their ministry!

    Kris Vallotton
    Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA
    Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry
    Author of eleven books, including The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and Spirit Wars.
  • Tim & Sue are lovers: lovers of life, each other, Jesus and the family which is His church. When you are with them you know that they care about you, that being together is important and that none of our goals will be achieved in isolation. Expect to be challenged by them, expect to end up thinking and living differently; not for the sake of just being different but because they believe that there is a better way. But - they don’t always do what you expect because they left predictable expectations behind a long time ago.

    Tim and Sue are our friends; we hope that they become yours too.

    Paul Manwaring
    Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church in Redding, California.
    Founder of Global Legacy
  • I met Tim and Sue Eldridge in 2009 for the first time. We met in a fire tunnel and this has lead to a continuing friendship that both my wife and I very much enjoy. One of the things that is remarkable to me is the fact that Sue and Tim are very relational people: their priority is not on ministry or work but on people. This is so important because it will influence the direction any ministry will take: it is for God and for the people!
    I also got to know them both as a man and woman of integrity and authenticity: they resisted any fear of men and never tried to be anybody they weren’t. Instead, their great example of authenticity encourages everyone around them to become all God has planned us to be. As sons and daughters we do not need to compare ourselves - Sue and Tim live that out and they know about the challenges that everybody might face.

    There is another great thing to mention: Sue and Tim are people of great boldness; them stepping out in faith actually already blessed a nation. Without striving for significance at all, they have a significant impact by boldly moving forward with the “European Leaders Advance” in England. The other side of this is that they always seek to support others as well - they do not keep it all to themselves but they love to share.

    I highly recommend connecting and having them come so you can draw from their experience. It will be a great support to continue building what God has in mind.

    Martin Spreer
    Pastor of Christ Church Duisburg
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue and Tim for several years now. We met for the first time in Bethel, Redding. I love their simplicity of faith and how they live so transparently. My wife, Berit Helen, and I have come to really enjoy our time with them and dreaming big dreams for Europe together.

    Sue carries such a message of God’s faithfulness and brings hope to many families and people who are going through hardship. She is so unreligious and has a message that will reach beyond the church walls and into the people in the marketplace.

    Tim has perhaps the strongest gifting I have ever seen to be a connector. He loves to see other people coming into their calling and destiny, and he is so good at helping people find a landing place to do ministry. He has been a key person for bringing the influence of Bill Johnson and the ministry that comes out of Bethel to the UK. He carries a strong father’s heart to equip and help people into their calling and destiny.

    Sue and Tim are a blessing to the body of Christ.

    Sverre Bjørnhaug
    Senior leader
    Jesusfellesskapet and Veien bibelskole, Norway
  • I consider highly Tim & Sue Eldridge as key leaders in Europe who do difference with excellence. Their amazing gifts to connect various people and ministries together is a blessing of God for this season where God is calling His people to come together. They are very humble, but know who they are and what’s their call. They are part of this chosen generation who are not looking to promote their own names but, rather, the kingdom of God. They are carrying a true apostolic anointing by serving and helping others to enter into their destiny; they are lovers of life as well as pursuing and manifesting God’s presence. Tim was one of our best preachers & teachers at our school of the supernatural and in our church; he has such sensitivity, but also a practical way to help everybody to manifest the glory of God on this earth.

    I consider them as great friends and it’s a privilege and honour to work with them for HIM. I can highly recommend them to minister at your place.

    Jean-Luc Trachsel
    International Director of the IAHM
    International Association of Healing Ministries (AIMG)
  • It has been my privilege to have known Tim & Sue for over 30 years. As young people they exuded a passion for God and a determined pursuit of His purposes in their generation. Over the years, each encounter with God’s Spirit has poured fuel on their passion and clarified their identity and calling.

    They are delightful people to be around: they are real, authentic and grounded but also captivated by the Lord’s goodness, kindness and love. They have experienced genuine breakthroughs of God in their lives and in their family. As a result, they carry faith and hope for others to experience breakthrough and release in their own lives.

    I gladly commend their testimony of God’s goodness and their ministry of empowerment.

    Ian Rossol
    All Nations Church, Leicester
  • Tim and Sue have an amazing gift to connect and encourage the body of Christ across the world. They serve God's people passionately, hear Him personally and minister powerfully. I thoroughly commend their ministry.

    Tony Wastall
    Senior Leader of LifeSpring Church & Ministry
  • I’m excited for the launch of Presence Ministries International. I’ve watched Tim and Sue grow in their leadership for many years now and I’m grateful for their faithful pursuit of the Father’s calling on their lives. I know they’ll see much fruit as they step out on this new adventure.

    Billy Kennedy
    Leader, Pioneer Network
  • Tim and Sue live a kingdom lifestyle like few others: they promote, encourage and stimulate others to greatness. They live a presence-based life and see that manifest in the lives of those around them.
    They are real and honest. They don't pretend anything of themselves and create a safe place in their environment by allowing everyone they meet to be real too. From that base they then challenge and encourage you to be all that the Father has called you to be. This supernatural reality is infectious and leads to a pursuit of something you wouldn't have reached without it.
    We love them as friends and honour them as leaders and highly endorse them to you.

    Chlo and Stu Glassborow
    Catch the Fire Global Team
  • Tim and Sue Eldridge are catalytic leaders who release both the power and wisdom of God. They have an unusual ability to rally people and ministries together in Holy Spirit-infused partnerships to do what we cannot do by ourselves. They are also a great strength to Bethel Church and our personal ministry.

    Steve and Wendy Backlund
    Bethel Church, Redding and Founders of Igniting Hope Ministries
  • We are really delighted and honoured to be a part of PMI. Kingdom Writing Solutions - the business we founded and currently run - has needed an appropriate home and covering. PMI offers just that for us.

    There are three main reasons why we are part of PMI.

    Firstly, because we put a very high value on accountability. At Kingdom Writing Solutions we want to be under healthy, apostolic authority. Tim and Sue both model and offer that, preventing us from "doing our own thing".

    Secondly, because we have a great need for advice. Many of us in PMI are going to be a Joshua 3 people - walking on the road less travelled. As a couple we have benefitted countless times from Tim and Sue's wisdom.

    Thirdly, because we want to be part of an affiliation. There are many benefits to this, not least that Tim and Sue won't always have the answers but in a network they can say, "I know a man who can!"

    We are really excited by the idea of a relational, PMI network. We don't know anyone in the world who has the anointing Tim and Sue have: they truly are apostolic and strategic connectors of people and ministries.

    At Kingdom Writing Solutions we rejoice in being part of the dynamic new alliances that the Father is clearly creating on the earth and we are honoured to be "in" on this global plan to link up Presence-shaped people."

    Mark and Cherith Stibbe
    Kingdom Writing Solutions
  • I have known Tim & Sue for over 30 years and in that time we have experienced many different moves of God. These have brought us all into a deeper revelation of our Father’s deep, deep love for us, our identity and His heart for His bride and for the nations. Tim and Sue have always been at the forefront in this. They have always sought, above all else, to find out what God is saying and to do as He asks; this has brought us corporately as a church, and also me individually, into a deeper revelation of Him.

    Ruth Withers
    Missionary, Iris Cambodia
  • Tim and Sue are two of my favourite people in the UK. They are so real about life and their passionate pursuit of God in all His goodness, no matter the obstacles. Their family story reflects God's glorious love to see every family experience personal revival. Their heart to see God's kingdom-culture spread across the UK, Europe and the world is infectious to be around. I highly recommend connecting with Tim and Sue to those who are watching what God is doing in our generation and wanting to partner with Him.

    Grace Goff
    Champions of Hope
  • Tim and Sue wonderfully reflect the heart and pastoral care of the Father. It is an honour to walk alongside them and witness how God is currently using them within apostolic and prophetic ministry to bless and encourage others. They walk in true humility and authority, radiating the love of Christ.

    Danielle Elizabeth-Face
    Dialogue Group Member, Iris Graduate &
    Student at Regents Theological College
  • I have had the privilege of getting to know Tim and Sue Eldridge over last few years. It has been part of an exciting journey as God is connecting people with similar passions and dreams, particularly about the manifest presence of God.
    My summary of their lives would be "generosity, fun and kindness". They have a desire to see others prosper with God's blessings and have a particular gift of "connecting people".
    I am proud to call them my friends and happy to walk alongside them in the adventure of Christian faith.

    Dr Pete Carter.
    Director of Eastgate Church, Gravesend and author of ‘Unwrapping Lazarus’
  • When Tim and Sue are around, great things happen. Their lively and down to earth character brings out the best in you and being around them is followed by laughter, growth, friendship and great conversation. Tim & Sue are great investors in people and saw us for who we really are. They are authentic gems who are in it for the long haul. We can only encourage you to take the opportunity for relationship with them if it presents itself!

    David & Marita Wastall
    BSSM Alumni, Wolverhampton
  • It is a huge privilege to know Tim and Sue and get to recommend them. They are many notable things. They are forerunners; they have been at the leading edge of what God is doing in our nation for some years, pointing the way for others. They are phenomenal connectors, both of people to God and to one another; they have such a grace for people, putting them at ease and making them feel special. They have undimmed passion even through challenges. And they carry a strong sense of identity in God, secure in the Father's opinion of them: the fruit of that is how well they give strength to others.

    Andy Merrick
    Senior Leader
    Hope Church, Glasgow
  • There is, at this time, a clear resurgence in the global church of the understanding, purpose and necessity of apostolic leadership. Apostolic leadership will bring realignment to the church so that she can fulfill her heaven-given assignment. Tim and Sue Eldridge have both a mandate and a grace to impact leadership teams and groups with this revelation.

    David Chambers
    BSSM Alumnus & Dialogue Group
  • They are genuine, truthful, trustworthy people who have ploughed their ministry field faithfully over the years. It is obvious that now the hand of the Lord is on them, leading them to go further afield to share the eternal wisdom revealed & accumulated over these years in ministry.

    Gwenda and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you. We know you will love them as we have also come to do.

    Wynne & Gwenda Goss
    inHOPE Ministries

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