Tim and Sue are a unique apostolic couple that work into churches around the UK, Europe and beyond. Their heart is to see revival through divine connections. They have been in church leadership for more than 36 years, pioneered & pastored local churches for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience and wisdom. Tim & Sue are a spiritual mum and dad and they long to see other mothers and fathers being raised up around the UK and Europe. They have been key leaders in hosting Bethel church ministries in the UK for over 12 years. Tim and Sue are the founders and hosts of the annual European Leaders Alliance conference. Through the ministry of Tim and Sue, many people have found freedom, love and purpose.


“The pursuit of God’s presence is our number one goal…. We have been forever changed by his lavish goodness and faithfulness. We have a passion to see apostolic fathers release spiritual sons into the Kingdom, who then become culture changers in their sphere of influence. Our heart is to help equip the church to be the best they can be, confident in their identity and their adoption by Father God. We desire to see them released to live authentic, shame-free, spirit-filled lives impacting the community and bringing heaven to earth.”

We see:

  • We see Spiritual sons, daughters, mums and dads being raised up and strengthened in their identity and relationship with Father God.
  • We see The Church living, real, free, authentic, spirit-filled lives, who in turn will impact families and communities.
  • We see Prodigals restored and released into their destinies.
  • We see the wider church equipped to serve in areas of influence:

Education – Health – Government – Arts, Media, Sport – Business – Science & innovation – Family – Church 

  • We see a company of apostolic ministries strategically aligned to bring about cultural transformation in Europe and beyond.
  • We see funds raised to fight poverty and promote justice.
  • We see a movement of people encountering God’s presence, connecting with one another, leading to revival and reaching the ends of the earth.

This looks like

Conferences – Workshops – Network events – Seminars – Mentoring – Discipleship – Schools of Ministry – Roundtable forums – Publishing and resources


Hosting & Honouring God’s presence – Encouraging – Fathering & Sonship – Miracles & healings – Honour – Revival – personal, regional and global – Freedom from the power of evil: sins, lies, sickness & addiction through salvation – Non-religious, authentic living – Love of God’s Church


There is only one true God, who is the eternal King, creator and redeemer of everything.

He is perfect in all of his ways, he is good ALL the time, he is just, loving and truthful.

There is nothing that is impossible for our God.

We believe in the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

The bible to be the inspired and authoritative word of God.


Tim Eldridge

I had an encounter with God at the age of 6 and by the time I was 12, I was editing a Christian magazine, and at 17, leading the kids at my local church. In 1982 I moved to Yorkshire to become the administrator for a bible college. Sue and I were married in 1986 and involved in church leadership for the next 11 years. From 1994 to 1997 I read Peace Studies at the University of Bradford. At the end of this degree, we relocated to lead Presence Church (formerly Harrogate New Life). We have seen many changes over the past 22 years that have taken us on an incredible journey. My life changed forever after a heavenly encounter where God revealed to me clearly my calling and destiny and he showed me how I was a strategic apostolic connector of ministries. Since then I have had many divine connections in my life & have become a landing pad for revelatory ministries in the UK and beyond. I was one of the pioneers of Global Legacy (Bethel’s relational network) in the UK and Europe. We are now the co-directors of the annual European Leaders advance (ELA) which attracts over 2,000 delegates. My passion is to see the church mobilised in this day to impact cities and nations with the transforming power of God and see world-wide revival.


Sue Eldridge

I was saved at the age of 8, got baptised in the Spirit and lived for God. I trained as a nurse in Bradford and married Tim at 21, and since then have been in ministry in one form or another. We have two beautiful daughters who both love the Lord. For the 19 years we have pastored a church in Harrogate. However, my life changed radically when I started to believe what My Father God really thought and spoke about me and that he was GOOD all the time. I discarded shame. I made choices in line with his truth, and aimed to be the best me I can be. I have walked through pain and heartache. I have found my faith to be real, completely non-religious and totally authentic (I gave up trying to be someone I wasn’t), I have found hope in the trials, I have learnt to trust him in the desert and rejoice at all times (I’m still working on this one). God has healed our marriage and our family… I am forever grateful for his outstanding love and faithfulness, and will spend the rest of my life testifying to that and helping release others into a deeper relationship with their Dad, and living free!

Tim and Sue love God’s presence and have a passion for God’s church and his people. They have a heart to see each one understanding their identity in Christ and walking in freedom as sons of the King of Kings.

They carry a prophetic heart for revival and for empowering the church to become influencers in whatever field they are in.

They carry hope and faithfulness even in the darkest of times.

Their heart is to empower each person to live a real, authentic life free from shame and walking into all that daddy God has for them.

If you would like Tim and Sue to come to your church to minister, then please contact us on the “Invite” page.

Tim carries a heart for:

  • Apostolic Ministry
  • Revival
  • Connecting to the bigger picture of what God is doing world-wide
  • Strategic alliances with leaders
  • Relationships and how they effect revival
  • The strengthening of leaders

Sue carries a heart for:

  • Identity
  • Father Heart
  • Freedom from shame
  • Hope
  • Breakthrough
  • Living an authentic Sprit filled life